And More Pin-ups...

Some Pin-Ups

Hey, guys! Here is some pin-ups that I did in my free time.

Birds of Prey #03

Birds of Prey #02

Hey, folks!

After a long time, I put some pages of Birds of Prey that I inked on Adriana Melo lines.

Jackpot #02 Page 01

Hi, guys! Here is the first page of Jackpot #02. One wonderfull splash-page by Adriana Melo. Inks by myself.

Pencils: Adriana Melo
Colors: Nei Rufino

I love you, girls!!

Jackpot #01 Page 01 Pencils and Inks

Hi, guys! This is the first page from Jackpot #01. I put here the pencilled version and the inked version.

Penciller: Adriana Melo
Inker: Myself.